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Feuerbach come both from Genk, Belgium. This is their first release after a song on a Rarefish compilation Tree we fell in love with. But sadly after this beginning the band went on hiatus. That made us so sad that we started to ask them constantly for more songs. During last spring, they finally accepted to come back to life and to work on a few songs for us. It gave them energy, fervor and desire to let the band grow; Feuerbach is now more alive than ever! These are pure indie pop folk...
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by Mount Eerie
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Seven songs recorded for the July 2004 tour of Australia by Mount Eerie. They were recorded "Nowhere" in Anacortes, Washington in the months of May and June 2004. The release was in an edition of 196 CDRs and sold out on tour. Somehow people in North America found out about it and thought they really wanted it because of the low quantity. Now it is available forever for free. No more romance!
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